Meghan Victoria

Hello and Welcome.

My name is Meghan Victoria

I am 22 years old and I work as a freelance makeup artist and beauty influencer in Toronto, ON.

I look at life like a collection of experiences and I want to get the very most out of my life. I love to laugh and have fun and be silly but also to reflect and become better acquainted with myself. I like to say I have Queen W roots but Yorkville dreams. I love the glamour of Yorkville but I also have a very bohemian side to my personality that can be reflected in the artsy eclectic streets of Queen W. 

I created this blog as a time capsule of my journey and career and to celebrate all things beautiful. I know my life is destined for big things so I’m here now putting that energy out to the universe and I am so excited for when I am able to look back from the future and see how far I’ve come.

Please join me in my journey as I navigate around with

one sneaker in Queen W and one stiletto in Yorkville.


Meghan Victoria

IG: meghanvictoriax

YT: meghanvictoriax


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